We welcome new members from all walks of life. As with many voluntary organisations nowadays, we have seen a falling-off of numbers since lock-down restrictions were introduced, so if you are looking for an interesting, non-taxing new hobby (and we tend nowadays to hold committee meetings in a local hostelry), then you will be made most welcome and first year's membership is free. 

Please see membership application form herewith. It is currently free for the balance of the current year, and the next year is also free too. The figures shown are renewal fees for the year after that, being our main source of income. If you are unable to print  off the membership form (you should be able to copy & paste) please drop us an email to field.roger@thepeelsociety.org.uk and we will get back to you. Remember, you do not have to pay anything to join, or for the next year! Just fill in your details and send it off to the Membership Secretary, either by post or via email to: gclarke1946@gmail.com. You will then get free access to our museum at Middleton Hall and a twice-yearly newsletter, plus invitations to come and join in with our, and Middleton Hall's, activities.

Membership application