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The Peel Society visits the grave of The Revd. Hon. Maurice Peel M.C. and bar

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  1. Major General Wesley E. Peel, USA Ret.

    I am very interested in any information on the Peel Family of England. My Peel ancestor was Thomas William Peel, Sr. (1750-1830) who was born in the village of Rathfryland, County Down, Ulster, Northern Ireland on 2 February 1750, the son of William Peel (1719- ?) and Sarah (Knox) Peel (1722- ?)

    Any information on William Peel (1719-?) and his ancestors would be appreciated.

    1. steve greenhall Author

      Dear Sir,
      I have passed your comment on to the Peel Society Historian, who should e-mail you soon.

      Peel webmaster

  2. M Kelly

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to drop a note and compliment you on your website and the work you are doing in Tamworth to promote and support the memory of the Peel family.

    I am trying to organise a trip to both the library and Middleton Hall as my partner descends directly from the first Baronet’s oldest son William (2nd Baronet’s brother) and it would be great for the two of us to learn more about the family. We have a number of family tree documents and scrolls in our possession on the Peel family (although a bit rough around the edges these days) and would be happy to share if they are of any interest to yourselves. I should be grateful if you would add my email address to any email circulation lists you have for website posts and newsletters. Keep up the great work, it’s much appreciated.

    FYI – I tried to send this by email to but the emails are bouncing back as undeliverable. Cheers!

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