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Peel Memorials


Peel Memorial Busts and Statues

The sudden death of Sir Robert Peel in 1850 resulted in many memorials being erected to the great man.  Leading sculptors of the day were employed all over the country.

The following lists are by no means exhaustive and we hope that visitors to our web site can add to it.  We also welcome pictures of the memorials as they are today.  Please contact Nigel Morris if you have any information or pictures you would like to contribute.

Sir Robert Peel – busts

Date Sculptor Location Comments  
George Abbott Bronze Bust
1853 William Anderson Forfar memorial
1840 Angelo Bienaime Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk
1835 Sir Francis Legatt Chantry RA Royal Collection
1851 Louis Gardie Great Exhibition
1848 William Gray Royal Academy 1848
John Edward Jones BMAG
1854 Alexander Munro Oldham
1851 Matthew Noble NPG
1838 Nathaniel Palmer Royal Academy
1850 Robert Physick Merchant Taylors’ Company

Sir Robert Peel – statues

Date Sculptor Location Comments  
1852 Edward Hodges Baily Bury

Commemorative statue of Sir Robert Peel in front of the Parish Church in Bury, Greater Manchester.

1852 William Behnes Leeds
1855 William Behnes Formerly Cheapside photo
1855 William Behnes Bradford
1851 Thomas Duckett Preston
1852 Benjamin Gibson Westminster Abbey
1855 Peter Hollins Calthorpe Park, B’ham
1853 John G Mossman Glasgow
1852 Matthew Noble St. George’s Hall Liverpool
1852 Matthew Noble Tamworth photo
1853 Matthew Noble Salford
1976 Matthew Noble Parliament Square
1852 Alexander Handyside Ritchie
1851 H.Ross Great Exhibition Wax statuettes
Sir William Peel – statues
Date Sculptor Location Comments  
1860 William Theed the younger Maritime Museum
1861 William Theed the younger Sandy Church
1863 William Theed the younger Calcutta
Lady Peel – bust
Date Sculptor Location Comments  
c.1877 Mary Thorneycroft Avington Park, Hants