The Museum Appeal

The Peel Society is seeking to establish in Tamworth a national Memorial to Sir Robert Peel, Second Baronet which celebrates the life and work of Sir Robert Peel and the period in which he lived. The Society has acquired a fascinating collection of items of historical importance and it has within it the expertise to plan and establish a Museum. We need considerable financial support to complete such a major project.

The Appeal is to raise money to buy premises and provide a fund to establish and run the Museum. We need to raise at least 500,000.

The Museum Project

Using appropriate technology, the Museum will present the life of one of our greatest statesmen, Sir Robert Peel, Second Baronet and of the Police Force, which he founded. The times in which he lived will be illustrated with multi-sensory display features on aspects of Nineteenth Century life which link in with Sir Robert's experiences.

Talking images could be employed to highlight significant moments in Sir Robert's illustrious life, such as addressing Parliament in a crucial debate and also receiving Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at Drayton Manor, his country house in Staffordshire.

Sir Robert's forbears and descendants will be featured, ranging from Robert "Parsley" Peel and his Eighteenth Century excursions into calico printing through to Beatrice Lillie, star of stage and screen, who was Lady Peel, wife of Sir Robert Peel, Fifth Baronet.

The Education Centre

The proposed Museum will house a significant library featuring three main collections of literature:

There will be a study area and a theatre for audio-visual presentation. An information service will be provided for visitors and correspondents.

The Peel Society now have a small museum at Middleton Hall, Warwickshire, but still hope one day to have a national memorial museum within Tamworth town centre.