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The Peel Society was founded in 1979 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Metropolitan Police Force.  It is a national, non-political, historical society which is a registered charity.  The Society promotes the study of the life, works and times of Sir Robert Peel and the Peel Family.  Its major objective is to establish a Peel and Police Museum.

The society has an active committee and membership.  It brings to Tamworth speakers of national and international importance to talk on subjects related to Sir Robert Peel and the period in which he lived.  It produces numerous exhibitions of information and artefacts on Peel related subjects.  Educational information is prepared and many enquiries from students and other interested parties, locally, nationally and internationally are addressed. Members visit places of interest connected with the Peel family and various commemorative functions are held.  In recent years the 150th Anniversary of Peel’s “Tamworth Manifesto”, the first election manifesto to be issued, and the 200th Anniversary of the great statesman’s birth were each commemorated.


The Peel Family and Sir Robert Peel have a fascinating history. Click the links below to learn more.


The Peel Society is currently located at Middleton Hall in Tamworth, click links below to learn more.

The Peel Society Membership

By becoming a member you will be helping the Society in its major objective.